Candidate Training

Thinking of running for office? Join us for a two-day training on how to win an election by engaging a diverse electorate here in Georgia.

About this Event

The Asian American Advocacy Fund is excited to bring you a candidate training like no other. At our training, you’ll learn campaign basics like branding and communications, fundraising and compliance, but most importantly – you’ll learn what it takes to run a campaign and engage a diverse electorate here in Georgia.Our goals are to equip participants with basic organizing/campaign tools and strategies to pursue racial, economic, immigrant, and gender justice; to further develop political consciousness among participants beyond party values, and bring their focus to local issues that impact communities of color; and to educate candidates on how they can use their positions to build power with their constituents and work towards a better future for all.Our trainers and speakers have vast experience in campaign management, running for office, and policy-making as it relates to local and state-level positions. They’ll answer important questions like:

  • What does it mean to be accountable to communities of color, beyond just asking them for their vote?
  • What does it mean to pass good policies that will improve the lives of communities of color in my district/city?
  • How do I run a culturally competent and sensitive campaign and engage new voters?

The cost of your registration will cover meals for Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If you need financial assistance, please contact Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood at

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